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Pastors Allen & Reba Mason and Solid Rock Ministries




A Prayer of Faith
Pastor Allen Mason


Solid Rock Ministries, Church of The Living God is a place where people from all walks of life gather celebrating God The Father, God The Son and The Holy Spirit. A place to learn of Jesus, His Word; The Holy Bible, His Goodness, Grace and Mercy. A place where one can learn how God designed them to live life abundantly and how to daily share, with everyone, the good news of Jesus and the truth of life now and eternally.

SRM is a house of freedom, led by The Holy Spirit breaking free from all bondages of religion and man-made traditions. SRM is a house that teaches and strives to demonstrate true unconditional love for all people regardless of who they are or where they've been. A safe place where one can laugh, cry and simply enjoy all that God has for them.

You are invited to come to a place where people will laugh and cry with you. A place where you are free to praise God for all He has done for you, your family & friends. You can sing to and for Him, dance with and for Him, and celebrate, praise and worship Him now.

SRM...building The Kingdom of God on earth as in Heaven. Amen!